Donating the bare minimum: food

I think everybody can understand that life can throw unexpected challenges at us, causing individuals and families to face difficult circumstances. While our work is normally focused on providing sustainable assistance, we recognize that occasional instances of immediate help are necessary. Responding to the strokes of fate that have befallen seven families and as part of our commitment to making a positive impact, Bintang Together has decided to sponsor food donations for these families in need.

By offering this support, we hope to provide these families with the break they need, giving them the chance to regain stability and overcome their current challenges. Over the course of the last month our local co-workers bought and transported several basic items. In total the following was provided:

  • 350 kg rice
  • 140 liters cooking oil
  • 70 kg sieved tomatos
  • 7 big bags of potatoes
  • 6 big bags of onions
  • 14 packages of vegetable stock

All this results in more than 5000 portions of food!

From our local friends we heard that the help was highly appreciated and so we are happy, too. 🙂
Enjoy some pictures of some rice bags on their way to their new home. (Please understand that we don’t show pictures of the families that recieve the support because we do not want to be inconsiderate of them.)

Food Donations
Food Donation Transport
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