From Sauerlach to Bintang: Donations of Kid‘s Clothing and Football Shoes

In our last post, we announced our latest travel to The Gambia, for the first time by car. We took part in the Dresden-Banjul Rallye, in which we travelled the 8000 km through multiple countries, the highlight definetely being the crossing of the Western Sahara.

Before we left, Angi from the TSV Sauerlach asked around the football parents, if they had any good-condition football equipment such as shoes and sports clothing for kids. We were quite surprised how many nice people showed up at our door and how many donations they brought. We filled up the car to the top and off we went.

When we finally reached Bintang, we handed the donations over to our local friends. With their help we were able to distribute them among several families and institutions, such as the local football club FC Bintang or the Jakoi Nursery School. We had the feeling that the donations were highly appreciated and it was very nice to see the people being happy about it. But as it‘s known that pictures tell more than a thousend words, please enjoy the ones we brought home with us. Maybe you can even spot some of your donations? 😊

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