In March 2015, the “Schwarzwälder Bote” published a nice article about the “Dauchinger”, i.e. the people from Dauchinger, and their awesome doings. Enjoy the (German) article by clicking the link or keep reading for the English tranlation.

“Dauchinger(s)” Enable School Project in Gambia

This young man drew the emblem of the municipality of Dauchingen onto the school – and he presents it proudly.
Repro: Preuß Foto: Schwarzwälder-Bote

Dauchingen. In the “Farrenstall” in Dauchingen, Elfi and Günther report about the school projects in the Gambia.

When their children went on vacation in Gambia, they didn’t just enjoy the beach and the ocean, but also explored the interior of the country. That’s when they came to the village of Bintang with its 800 inhabitants. At the time, they experienced the warmth of the people, but at the same time they were aware of the poverty of the villagers. And they responded.

By now, the whole Reinelt family is known in Bintang and the surrounding villages because they started something: help that arrives and is sustainable. The arrival of the Reinelt family is now celebrated with a big party. The Reinelts first ensured that the windmill in Bintang was running again, allowing the well to be used once more. But the Reinelts made it their most important task to provide the local children with the opportunity to attend kindergarten and school. Because in Gambia, the official language is English, the children must first learn this, preferably in kindergarten, and then in school.

Now there are citizens of Dauchingen and friends of the Reinelts who have taken over sponsorships for children whose parents cannot afford the school and meal fees. Some of these students have graduated from high school by now and are studying in university. Because there are also deaf children in Bintang, the Dauchingen helpers made it possible for them to attend a special school. The school, which was in a state of disrepair ten years ago, has been transformed into an intact school building with a school garden.

The renovation of the schools or kindergartens is carried out by local craftsmen with the help of funds from Dauchingen. But the couple does not travel to Gambia without luggage. Last year, they equipped two football teams with jerseys, shoes and everything necessary for playing football donated by Dauchingen FC. First aid materials and a defibrillator were also included in their luggage in January, as well as clothes for the children. During their last visit, they were present when a kindergarten was inaugurated in Bulanjorr, located seven kilometers from Bintang. Now the children have the opportunity to attend the kindergarten in their village and do not have to walk to Bintang every day.

With donations, the helpers make it possible for the children in three villages around Bintang to receive a mid-day meal in the kindergartens for one year. With good contacts and almost weekly correspondence between Bintang and Dauchingen, the Reinelts are always well informed. “Nevertheless, it is important to be on site once a year to check what has been achieved and to initiate new projects,” said the helpers.

From the lively descriptions in their lecture in the Farrenstall, it became clear that the people, and especially the children in Bintang and the other villages, have grown close to the Reinelts’ hearts.

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