School partnership with Bintang Bolong (Gambia)

This marks the very beginning of the projects in the Bintang region. Read below how many stories first started. (English translation below.)

Katharina and Sebastian Reinelt, as representatives of the German basic and secondary school of Dauchingen, recently returned from Gambia where they acted as ambassadors for the school. The parents’ council and staff had decided to donate 800 euros to the partner school in Bintang Bolong, Gambia. The partnership was established through personal contacts. The German students had been writing letters to the African children, and the money was handed over in a grand ceremony attended by the whole village, the mayor, teachers, and even Gambian newspapers. In addition to the donation, the children received T-shirts, clothes, school supplies, and toys. The money will be used to build school desks, purchase further materials, cement, and kitchen appliances for the school. The people of Bintang Bolong want to be seen as partners and not just recipients of charity. They wish to increase awareness and understanding of their own country, and the school partnership may contribute to international understanding.

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